Performance Management System

Together with you we will establish measurable and effective human resource systems concerning the following areas:

  • Analysis of job positions
    During this process we will determine the engagedment of all your employees, functional connectivity, levels of necessary authorizations and establish a clear organizational structure as well as all the supporting regulations.
  • Evaluation of job positions
    With worldwide accepted methodology we will determine the value of each job position in your company and therefore rank the job positions according to the importance with an objective and systematic method.
  • Determination of the exact system for obtaining of basic earnings
    We will determine statistically how much any job position in your company should be paid according to the labor market. We will determine the salary ranges for each job position. There are always common rules, contract annexes and all that is needed for system to formally-legal prosper (even if you have a union).
  • Determining of variable part of the salary and bonuses
    With the help of proven formulas and through clear logarithms we will make motivation system which will reward employees exclusively for the obtained results. This system is measurable, objective and stimulating both for the company and employees. Also, all regulations and annexes are an important part of this component.
  • Measurement system and job performance management
    We will teach you how to measure the job success of your employees, how to evaluate them and how to give meaning to marks in the system of stimulation, demotivation, corrective actions and employee development.